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medication stimulation
April 24, 2010 06:52 PM PDT
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23 functional medical doses of head banger boogie that'll help set the mood for any situation. a down-tempo, big-beat, organic sounding blend of beats that'll make the head nod and that booty bob and weave! You could say it's a funky blend for the smokers in the house, but am sure whatever state of consciousness you are in, this will be a very enjoyable mix....and now, push play and enjoy medication stimulation.

lazy face discotec
August 19, 2009 02:19 PM PDT
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16 tracks of unknown goodness that i JUST had to throw together for you! dirty lazy bass electro that'll crunch your speakers! a chunky mix to end the summer. enjoy lazy face discotec.

summer mix 2009
July 15, 2009 10:55 PM PDT
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what up guys. happy summer to all. i hope the rays got you brown and the beats got you sweatin'! here is my newest podomatic mix for summer 2009! a whole bunch of grimey fidget and electro, slowed down to a chuggin' 126 bpms! great music for the pool side, getting ready to go rock the club or even for an impromptu afterhours gathering! it's dirrty, so be sure to have soap on hand. enjoy my newest mix.
01. look out (lazy rich rmx)-jon e industry
02. pitiless (lazy rich rmx)-dilemn
03. fingertips (spencer & hill rmx)-spencer & hill, felguk
04. you tell me (electric soulside rmx)-matt cox
05. play with it (gigi barroco rmx)-breakdown
06. that bounce track (hot mouth rmx)-nick supply feat tasha
07. fire on the dancefloor (kelerva rmx)-dj rockid
08. jack my flow (electric soulside rmx)-jaksaw
09. the grey agenda-wolfgang gartner
10. stop the drugs (hell ektrik rmx)-the roto mafia
11. encore (electric soulside rmx)-justin james
12. we get seduced (hot pink delorean & knowlton walsh rmx)-the faint
13. how i like it (kid kaio & rowell sinester rmx)-afrojack & diplo feat grace regine
14. never be alone (diplo rmx)-dbn & tommy trash
15. no dice (electric soulside rmx)-rektchordz
16. move ya-jak-z & scott cooper
17. one last time-heavyfeet

ALSO!!! i'm in this remix contest and the winner gets to play Lollapalooza Chicago! please take 2 minutes outta your day and vote! voting runs until july 20th. go to delllounge.com/lollapalooza and look for deejay diabolic...even one vote helps! thanks for your continued support smiley

fidget fondler
June 18, 2009 10:33 AM PDT
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As always, coming at'cha with a slammin' mix guaranteed to ignite the sweat glands in your body! This is a great mix of electro bangers (over 37 to be exact!) and know it'll rock everything from the headphones to the pool party properly! Time to get dirty! Push play and prepare to get fondled winking

01. funky sounds _Beatvandals vs A Skillz 3.37
02. stuck on repeat (Fake Blood rmx)_Little Boots4.19
03. AA247 (Diplo rmx)_Dance Area
04. back to me (Rhythm Rockerz rmx)_Soul Power ft. MJ White
05. no turning back (Butter Party rmx)_Elite Force
06. watching (Dubbel Dutch rmx)_Darling Farah
07. 12 inch therapy (Bass Kleph rmx)_Robb G
08. fuck'n'disco '09 (Kez's Fidget Unrol rmx)_Dj Kez
09. montezuma (Will Bailey & Mikey Hook rmx)_Wolfgang Gartner
10. the new jam_Hatiras
11. peanut butter_Nathan Boon
12. let me see what you workin with (Loud Party rmx)_Rod Lee
13. under my skin_StereoType ft. Tali
14. it's like that (Funkagenda & Bom Ren rmx)_Filthy Rich
15. funk moves the botty (Electric Soulside rmx)_Aquilaganja
16. fruit machine (Dave Spoon rmx)_The Tings Tings
17. edding 850_Format B
18. we fucked you up (Danny Cannizzaro D rmx)_The Bad Bankers
19. fogbank (Jack Beats rmx)_Boy 8-Bit
20. penis vs vagina (Lies In Disguise rmx)_Party Shark
21. i love NY (Baobinga's fuck up like whoa rmx)_Drop the Lime
22. satisfy me (BookyBros rmx)_Hof N Hans
23. same 2-step_Chubby Fingers
24. pussy_Nadastrom
25. we gettin' crunk_Heavyfeet
26. writters blolck (Thomas Gold rmx)_Just Jack
27. sick jam_Nikolai Dimitrov
28. rave is king_Fukkk Offf
29. ole (Taito rmx)_John Revox
30. decoy bitches 2009 rmx_Rektchordz
31. kill the system (Stupid Fresh rmx)_Brad Slims
32. smuggling duds (Lazy Rich rmx)_Ryan Galbraith
33. solta o frango (LAZRtag rmx)_Bonde Do Role
34. in the ayer (Jeremy Word rmx)_Flo-rida
35. she got it_HeavyFeet
36.pump it up_Electric Soulside
37.white noise is cool (dj S.co & OZ Three One Oh! wow bootleg)_Foamo

jalapeno poppers #1
May 21, 2009 10:27 AM PDT
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fresh out the oven and hot to the senses, i serve you jalapeno poppers #1 ...12 songs crammed into 12 minutes. eat it up. sweat.
01. drama (fukkk offf rmx)-SCNDL
02. jack wit us feat mr. eyez (bryan cox rmx)-justin james
03. new jack heights (dirty inc rmx)-jaksaw
04. everything cool (GTRONIC dirty rmx)-foamo
05. the look (i feel sexy)-asle bjorn
06. illin' fillin' it (malente rmx)-armand van helden
07. up and down-richard dinsdale
08. tribute to fidget (electric soulside rmx)-mr. pher
09. what (foamo rmx)-jack beats
10. back once again (lee mortimer rmx)-dj jeroenski
11. ghetto groove-plaza de funk
12. one last time-heavyfeet

dirty freq monster
May 20, 2009 01:40 PM PDT

ohhhhhhh SNAP! it has been WAY too long since i've posted an episode of the funktion...ran into internet problems for awhile, but am happy to say a new episode is here! and what better mix to start summer than my bangin' breaks/fidget mix "dirty freq monster". 49 tracks in just under 80 minutes! i am NOT lying when i say this will be one of the best mixes you'll hear all summer! already supported by the likes of electric soulside, p-phreak, tjr and others, this mix is SLAMMIN' from start to end! track list below. dirty freq monster drops in..3..2.1
01. looking good intro-deejay diabolic feat jim kelly 0:41
02. cables and wires / if it ain't ruff-Future Funk Squad / N.W.A. 2:46
03. firewater-Future Funk Squad 1:31
04. speakers corner-Quest, Eskmo 1:00
05. atomic / furball-TJR / Freeflow 45 1:47
06. drop dat-DJ Motion 2:16
07. funkster / funkbox / new jack hustler / hellium-Circuit Breaker / B Phreak / Ice T / Bass kleph, Anthony Paul 2:39
08. hey babe-Mightyfools (electric soulside rmx) 3:23
09. drumma / shoe monkey-Rennie Pilgrem / The Spoon Wizard (Tom Real vs. The Rogue Element rmx) 1:01
10. bump it-Nine Lives 3:21
11. bomb 19-Funkasaurus 1:16
12. y.a.r.d.c.o.r.e.-Dopefish 0:38
13. punkadelic-Freq Nasty 1:16
14. trojan / pony-BETA / Ginuwine 1:46
15. break ya neck-Jaimie Fanatic 1:15
16. the next episode-Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dog (Project Cyborg rmx) 2:24
17. saulted / stonkin-Ben Hash Key / Zarbizare 2:16
18. melodik hypnotic / ghetto funk baby-Elite Force (Miles Dyson rmx) / Rico Tubbs 4:45
19. makossa / i'm that type of guy-Maelstrom / LL Cool J 4:13
20. control-Lee Combs 2:37
21. no hoes-Sallur 2:09
22. breakout-Darius Syrossian, Tracker 5 0:45
23. fancy footwork / the giant from nibiru-Chromeo (Crookers rmx) / Ida Engberg & Dacid West 1:52
24. get blahsted-Hatiras ft MC Flipside 1:05
25. 2 da break-FingerLickin' Allstars (A-Skills rmx) 2:20
26. superstar break-Electro f (Twocker rmx) 2:43
27. make ya freq-Miles Dyson 2:46
28. stick'em up-General Levy (Dope Tito rmx) 1:44
29. let the bass drop-Donald Glaude 1:46
30. twitch feat divine blaq-J-Break 2:14
31. killer-Wolfgang Gartner 1:08
32. get wild-Stanton Warriors 3:34
33. rocka revolution -Chunk N Attack 1:14
34. knights of cyndonia-Muse 2:28
35. buck nastier / engine-Spin Kidd ft Pamp / Elite force 1:49
36. hit the club-Micky Slim (Stupid Fresh rmx) 2:34
37. poison / outro-Bell Biv DeVoe (AC Slater, B-Rich rmx) 4:29

July 01, 2008 05:33 PM PDT

for the next 22 minutes i'm gonna pump the hell outta your speakers with some dirrty pumpin' funky glitchy housey breaky type of BOOM that'll get you pumped to do anything. well, besides concentrate. a mix for those who need a full mixtapes worth of energy, but only have time for a taste. please leave comments and thanks to everybodies support and energy! it's becasue of you that i do this and am blessed to know that so many people worldwide are feeling my mixes! enjoy the spike of energy juice that is kaBOOMPH!
01. intro
02. daddio feat yolanda-30Hz (miles dyson rmx)
03. asteroids-culture shock
04. michael jackson- bad
05. ready-muttonheads
06. get down (rock it up)-alex romano (soul conspiracy rmx)
07. wah-napt
08. bermuda nights- twocker rmx
09.bump uglies-bass kleph (dopamine rmx)
10. stick'em
11. funky train-database
12.stretch the canvas-stupid fresh
13.sniffin-richard dinsdale
14. used and abused-elite force (zodiac cartel rmx)
15. satisfy me-yer man

dirty heaters
June 15, 2008 10:37 AM PDT

Welcome to dirty heaters, a collection of some of the hottest new AND unreleased dirty electro house and breaks out right now! This mix starts in 3rd gear and just goes up from there! The ONLY electro mix you'll need all summer! Time to get sweaty!
01.STREETLIFE DJS-gunn crime
03.LAZY JAY-tomahawk
04.ZOO BRAZIL-technik
08.HATIRAS-mannequins need love too
10.KIM-wet n wild
11.i'm perfect
12.BASS KLEPH-bump uglies
13.DAN LE SAC-thou shalt always kill (JFKK RMX)
15.FUTUREHEADS-radio heart (GERM RMX)

party smash!
February 18, 2008 07:55 PM PST

Check out the first in a series of mixes called party smash! not only is it the name of this mix, but a term i am coining for this hybrid style of electronic, hip-hop, rock, pop, etc...all smashed into a tight, danceable mix of familiar jams that everyone can find a connection with! this is my first venture into creating a live mix using ableton live and look forward to delving deeper into what i like to call "cjing" or "computer jockey". no tracklisting, but i'm sure you'll figure it out just fine! so, push play already and enjoy the energy that is party smash!

audio contagious
December 03, 2007 12:57 AM PST

get ready for 68 minutes of pure, high energy, BANGIN' house!!! 22 tracks of just funky, bass pumpin', sweat producing tracks from some of house music's best producers! for when you need a jump start of energy and a boost to your dance step, this cd delivers! GUARENTEED!! bold statement? push play and decide for yourself! it's like being jacked on 3 cans of red bull...and this mix has been proven to get you from point A to point B 3 minutes quicker...true story! anyways, it's a great mix and i'm happy to present it to you, so without anymore delay, push the play button and enjoy the energy rush that is...Audio Contagious.***recorded 2001...still bangin'!!
01.ghetto girl_DA MIGHTY DUB KATZ
02.groove mission_CRAIG ALEXANDER
03.no groove shit #2_RAOUL LUCIANO
05.general of the midfield_MIDFIELD GENERAL
06.just an old school beat_AV8 TRACKS
07.pumpin_NOVY VS ENIAC
09.stomp to my beat_JS-16
10.burnin like fire_STOP TALKIN
11.weekend_BAD HABIT BOYS
12.freaky funky_MR. GOODBAR
13.shake it, girl_DJ URBAN
14.got that vibe_ANGEL ALANIS
15.down to the beat_THE HOTHEADS
16.bass keeps pumpin_RACHEL AUBURN
17.scream_MAC ZIMMS
18.get your hands up_WHITE LABEL
19.ghost in the graveyard_BEN POUND & VITAMIN D
20.this is the one_12-INCH THUMPERS
22.the roof is on fire_WESTBAM

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